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Roofing is one of those subjects that are often glossed over, causing contractors to overlook the importance of a properly installed roof to their buildings. A roofing membrane, for example, is not necessarily thought of when someone mentions roofing. However, a roofing membrane is an integral part of roofing, as it acts as a protective layer against damage, particularly from snow and rain. A roofing shingle, by contrast, is one of those more noticeable elements of a roof. In order to properly install a roof, a roofing shingle installation may not be necessary.

Why Roofing Is No Friend To Small Business

Roofing is among those building codes most often overlooked, especially in commercial buildings where the roofing project is going to take longer to complete. A roofing project can range from just a few days to several months, depending on what materials are being used and how extensive the work will be. A roofing project can also have more than one stage, from installing the roofing shingles to laying down the tar paper underlayment, which will be used to prevent moisture from reaching the underlying structure of the house. One of the most important aspects of roofing is protecting the structural integrity of your building.

In most commercial roofing projects, the roof deck shingles will be the first layer. The tar paper underlayment layer will then be applied to the tar paper, followed by the roofing felt paper felt layer. Each of these layers adds protection to the roof. By using roofing felt paper or roofing felt underlayment, you can ensure that your roof protects the interior of your building better than just using any other layer.

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